Meet the Team

Vicki Ostendorf


Rocket Racing was born out of a passion for racing by our founder, Vicki Ostendorf. From racing 5k’s to marathons then venturing into multisport racing in 2003 she has completed many triathlons, including 5 Ironman events with one Ironman race riding a fat tire bike. 


Chad Unger

Co-Race Director

I have been a part of the Tri Fitness community for six years. I am an avid runner, participating in most race distances. After catching the triathlon bug, I have completed the Ironman twice.  I bring my experience in endurance sports to Rocket Racing. As Co-Race Director, I believe people grow through competition, physically and mentally. Racing isn't about winning, it's truly about doing your personal best.

Outside of the endurance community, I am a local Real Estate professional and (a not-so-professional) Pickleball player.

Tori Popham

Marketing Director

Running has been a part of my life since I was a young girl and I’ve continued ever since. Although I work behind the scenes here at Rocket Racing, I have a passion for running and endurance sports. I’m enthusiastic about spreading the word about Rocket Racing’s unique races and upbeat philosophy on the idea that “anyone can be an endurance athlete”.